The Alabama Jewelers Association (AJA)

The Alabama Jewelers Association (AJA) is a non-profit association promoting professionalism and high ethical standards of business practice in the Jewelry Trade.
Our mission is to provide educational programs and services to improve the knowledge and skills of our members who share common interests and goals in growing their business.

The Alabama Jewelers Association is sustained by membership dues, and primarily through the generous support of our advertisers and sponsors each year.  We are extremely grateful for the on-going support and dedication offered by our suppliers, and we encourage to give them strong consideration in your future buying plans.

AJA is governed by the membership of our state association. The members elect officers and active members to serve on the board at the annual convention for a one year term.

The board members represent all geographic sections of our state.

The associate (vendor) members also elect representatives who serve on the board of directors.

Our Association

Alabama Jewelers Association (AJA) is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote and protect the welfare of retail jewelers in our state. AJA promotes professional ethics and high standards of business practice in the jewelry industry. Our goals are to improve the knowledge and skills of our members – to share ideas, common concerns and solutions, while enjoying professional networking opportunities with fellow retailers.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Annual Convention & Education Conference, including owner’s Roundtable Discussions
  • Jewelers Design Competition & opportunity to go to National Competition at SJTA
  • Annual Saltwater Seminar held in Gulf Shores
  • Security Alerts
  • State Jewelry Design Competition & National Competition @ SJTA for winner(s)
  • Newsletters w/current information and vendor supported advertising
  • $25 discount on JVC Jewelers Employment Manual (JEM)
  • $25 discount on JVC’s PACK (Patriot Act Compliance) Kit
  • Peer Networking & Contact Information sharing w/fellow retail jewelers
  • Associate of the Year Award – Presented at Convention
  • Annual Yearbook & Resource Directory
  • Store website link from AJA site (must provide info to AJA office)
  • Federal Express Discounts – Must apply directly w/FedX (call AJA office for details
    – this benefit has saved jewelers hundreds of dollars yearly)

We encourage you to become a member of AJA – your state retail jeweler’s organization. The dues are only $85.00 per year. Our collective efforts enable our membership to become better retail professionals while achieving benefits that may otherwise not be available to us as individuals.

AJA is governed by the membership of our state association. The members elect officers and board members at the annual convention, for a one or two year term. The board members represent all geographic sections of our state. The associate members also elect representatives who serve as board members.

Our association hosts an annual convention each year which provides the entire membership with enjoyable activities coupled with a wealth of education and motivational information to help grow your business. We also host the annual Saltwater Seminar – this is an informal family event which provides the perfect opportunity for fellowship with other jewelers and associate members. The Saltwater Seminar is located on the gulf coast.

As a new added benefit, security alerts are emailed immediately upon notice from reputable sources (you, the AJA member). These alerts have helped many jewelers and traveling salespeople avoid robberies, burglaries and scams.

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