How to Clean Your Jewelry

Jewelry cleaner

When it comes to cleaning your jewelry, you don’t need to buy a commercial cleaner. You can make your own jewelry cleaner with common household ingredients. It will work on most metals and stones, though it won’t work on pearls. Make sure to prepare the solution in a glass container. You can reuse it as many times as you like. Always label the container and store it properly so it doesn’t get ruined. You can even use it to clean your gemstone jewelry.

For solid gold jewelry, you can use a mixture of dish soap and water. You can also use a liquid dish soap, but make sure to avoid those that contain harsh anti-bacterial properties, because they can strip the finish from the metal. Use a small bowl and fill it with warm water, but not boiling. Avoid using hot water, as this could damage the gold or silver. Add the soap and swish the bowl until it forms bubbles, then rinse the jewelry with clean water.

You can also clean your jewelry by using a cleaning solution with specific ingredients. These are specially formulated to remove tarnish and other buildup from your jewelry. However, you should avoid using these products if you’re allergic to any ingredients. Most commercial cleaners contain surfectants and strong alkaline ingredients, which can cause damage over time. While a jewelry cleaner can help restore the shine of your jewelry, it’s still best to use a soft cloth to prevent damage.

Precious stones and gold jewelry can be cleaned by using a solution made from liquid dish soap and seltzer water. A Good Housekeeping Institute Cleaning Lab study found that the carbonation in the mixture loosens dirt and other debris. Use a soft brush to scrub the settings and stones, and then rinse in cool water. Then, dry your jewelry with a soft cloth. You can also use a polishing cloth. There are a variety of jewelry cleaners available for different types of stones and metals.

If you have large amounts of jewelry to clean, an ultrasonic cleaner is an excellent option. Ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasonic waves to clean jewelry with a gentle bubble action. However, you should avoid using this cleaner if you’re trying to remove tarnish from silver. Nonetheless, you can buy a jewelry cleaner that comes with a lifetime warranty and free cleanings at any time. The ultrasonic cleaner will clean your jewelry, but it won’t remove tarnish from silver.

Another way to clean your jewelry is to soak it in ammonia. This will help restore its shine and brighten the metal. However, it should never be used on jewelry with pearls because it will damage the pearls. If you’re unsure of which jewelry cleaner to use, you can also use a soft cloth. Soak the jewelry with the cleaner for half an hour and then dry it with a cloth. However, you should not leave the cloth on the jewelry for more than an hour.