ActionLocal’s List of Jewelers

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A list of Jewelers is useful in many ways, from the convenience of a location that does not require a high-priced location to the professionalism and attention to detail required. These businesses all display their products on a series of colorful case boards and have a central cash wrap island. Moreover, some businesses have “certified” badges, which indicate that they have claimed their profile and have been verified by ActionLocal.

In the first 10 months of 2020, the jewelry business has undergone a radical change. Those who had long been a fixture of local stores are now more Internet-savvy than their parents and grandparents were. Furthermore, the trend is not confined to jewelry. The growing number of millennials means that their purchasing decisions are influenced primarily by price. Online retailers like Amazon and eBay continue to thrive. In 2016, 51 percent of consumer purchases took place online, demonstrating that the jewelry industry is not immune to a changing marketplace.

The art of design is crucial in this field. Jewelers often specialize in custom-made jewelry and create unique designs. For this purpose, they sketch out designs that customers can approve. Some jewelers even use software to create a picture of their designs for customers. But before the jeweler can begin to work on the final design, they must ensure that the customer is satisfied with the final result. In the long run, this will help them build relationships with their customers and retain customers.

While jewelry stores are small-scale businesses, some require a larger storefront. The cost of raw materials can range anywhere from $500 to tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, obtaining a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is a must. Many landlords require this document as a condition for letting the business operate. If your lease agreement stipulates that payments cannot begin until you obtain the CO, you will save money on overhead.

Another trend to consider is how to appeal to millennials and Gen Z customers. Millennials and Gen Z are increasingly demanding that items be personalized. In fact, 48 percent of couples got engaged with a customized ring. Fortunately, there are several ways to attract this type of customer. In Pensacola, Florida, Bere Jewelers have done just that. The design of the store is a good example of how to attract younger generations to the jewelry business.

Another trend among jewelry stores is to eliminate walls and create more open space. Some have even made the floor plan open so that guests can hang out and watch the jewelry makers at work. This approach has led to many jewelers to go from having an open-to-the-public experience to an appointment-only store model. Many are even adopting Zoom appointments, which allows customers to view their pieces in person. This style of store is becoming increasingly popular, with many consumers seeking to shop in the comfort of their own home.

Jewelry retailers should price their pieces appropriately. While most jewelry retailers are reluctant to put prices on their products, Larry Johnson advises that they should only display the prices on half of their products. If possible, choose items with “bling” or “look for money” qualities that can be paid monthly. These two factors may help increase the revenue of your business. For the most part, jewelers mark up their products by two or three times their wholesale price, and a luxury brand will mark them up even more than this.