Why Millennials Are Booming in Online Jewelers Retail

Millennials are one of the major reasons online jewelers are booming. They are tech-savvy and more likely to choose a website over a brick-and-mortar jeweler. They also tend to be more affordable. According to Peter Gasca, millennials are a generation that values affordability above loyalty to local stores. In fact, nearly every big-box retailer offers an online presence. Amazon and eBay are both thriving. In 2016, nearly half of all retail purchases were made online, up from 48 percent in 2015.

Although jewelry stores are supposed to be a posh and luxurious environment, some can be intimidating and stuffy. In late April, Shinola CEO Shannon Washburn discussed the dangers of bacteria and other germs. She also discussed her company’s move into hospitality, and said that customers appreciated her firm’s approach. In January, Shinola opened its first boutique hotel in Detroit. This move is a clear indication of what the future holds for independent jewelry stores.

First, a business owner must ensure that they have the proper insurance. In addition to the business insurance, jewelry business owners need to ensure that they have a business license (CO). This license confirms that the store is in compliance with the applicable state and local laws. The CO must also be obtained before the jewelry store can open. For more information about zoning and building codes, visit the SBA website. You will find the information you need to start building and running a successful business.

Ultimately, the money you make in a jewelry business is made by selling the items themselves. The price that the customer pays for jewelry includes the cost of gemstones, labor for the fabrication, and a markup from the jeweler. For a smaller jeweler, cash payments are the primary method of payment, while at a larger retailer, special financing may be available. Depending on location and size, an owner of a successful retail jewelry store could earn up to $40,000 a year. The potential earnings will increase if the business becomes successful.

Unlike brick-and-mortar retailers, independent online jewelers have an advantage over their competitors. Using a website allows them to expand their business and reach new audiences. In addition to their own online presence, they also have the ability to offer their customers the best value in jewelry. With online shopping becoming increasingly more convenient, independent retailers began to develop websites to sell jewelry. This helped them build traffic and promote their brick-and-mortar stores.

The demand for lab-grown diamonds has grown exponentially in recent years. Diamond Foundry, a company founded in 2012, sells lab-grown diamonds to the general public. The Antwerp World Diamond Center estimates that in 2008, a CVD-grown diamond cost around $800, with an average year-over-year growth rate of ninety percent. Despite the cost increase, the demand for lab-grown diamonds is escalating.