What You Need to Know About Jewelry Trade Shows

Jewelry trade shows are a great opportunity to network and learn about new trends in the industry. These events are held both in the United States and overseas. They provide an ideal opportunity to find jewelry makers, wholesale suppliers and high quality merchants to work with.

Trade shows provide an excellent opportunity for jewelry makers to see their pieces in person and get feedback on designs and craftsmanship. This is an especially valuable benefit when selling small scale jewelry production. Alternatively, you could organize a pop-up shop in another retailer’s store.

In order to attend a jewelry trade show, you’ll need to adhere to health guidelines. These guidelines will vary depending on the location, event organizers and local regulations. The guidelines will help to protect everyone at the event and ensure that all participants remain healthy. You may also be required to wear approved face coverings. If your booth is located near the restrooms, make sure to wash your hands frequently.

During the infamous pandemic, the importance of a clear and concise product image skyrocketed. This was a good time to test out virtual jewelry trade shows. Before the pandemic, these types of events might have been overlooked. A virtual exhibit is a streamlined version of traditional exhibits.

While virtual trade shows are a great way to display your products, they can’t replace the tactile experience of selling them in your own studio. It’s important to take the time to build relationships with your customers. Getting to know them can lead to a more profitable relationship.

There are two main types of jewelry trade shows. Traditional events are juried, meaning that the exhibitors have been chosen based on their merit. On the other hand, virtual exhibits are open to anyone, any time. Depending on your location and the needs of your business, a virtual exhibit may be the most beneficial option.

The Jewelers Circle is a platform that allows users to browse thousands of listings. Users can then directly contact the owner or discuss terms with the seller. This process is similar to browsing e-commerce sites. As a result, it’s a great way to connect with the owners of jewelry pieces you like, while keeping the money local.

For example, the Jewelers Circle platform allows its users to create a customized watchlist of items they’re interested in. This can help them find the right item at the right price. Additionally, the site also offers tips and strategies for running a successful jewelry business.

Some of the biggest jewelry trade events in the world include the JCK Las Vegas and HKTDC Hong Kong International Jewelry Show. Both of these events attract over 23,000 jewelry and diamond traders from around the globe. Other notable events are the Japan Jewelry Show and the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair.

Whether you’re just starting out in the jewelry trade, or you’re looking to restock your inventory, there’s a trade show that will fit your business.