The Best Jewelry Cleaners

Whether they’re part of your everyday look or stately pieces you wear only on special occasions, all jewelry needs a good cleaning every now and then to remove build-up and tarnish. But using the wrong cleaner can damage or dull your beloved accessories. So we tapped the experts for tried-and-true ways to clean a wide variety of metal and gemstone styles without damaging them. We looked for cleaners that are safe and effective for a range of jewelry types, with an emphasis on ones that work quickly and efficiently without requiring scrubbing or manual labor. We also favored formulas that are gentle on fragile materials like soft stones and plated metals, as well as those that come with convenient applicators such as dip baskets, brushes, or wipes.

This quick-acting liquid cleaner dissolves and breaks down hardened dirt, oil, and tarnish in just seconds. The solution also reconditions your jewelry, leaving it shiny and smelling fresh. It’s safe for most metals, including gold and silver, and works wonders on tarnished sterling rings and chain necklaces. It’s also safe for soft gems such as emeralds and amethyst, and it’s a great pick for heirloom pieces with delicate settings. Aside from its quick and powerful cleaning ability, we loved that it comes with a tray for soaking and a brush to reach in between the crevices of your jewelry. The only drawback is that the tray and brush could be sturdier, but overall we found this cleaner to be worth the price for its efficiency and effectiveness.

One of the best and quickest jewelry cleaners available, this product’s liquid reacts with tarnished metal to create a foam that melts away dirt and grime in seconds. It’s safe for most metals, and it even removes tarnish from earrings and other chains, as well as stones such as opals and sapphires. It doesn’t have a strong scent, and the 8-ounce bottle provides plenty of solution for frequent use.

The gist of this jewelry cleaner is that you place your items in a bowl, mix in the active ingredient (baking soda or effervescent heartburn tablets are the recommended options), and let them sit for about five minutes to allow the chemical reaction to break down the build-up. The items can then be brushed, rinsed, and patted dry for a dazzling shine. This method is especially helpful for silver or gold ring and necklace designs, but it’s not ideal for pearls and other delicate stones.

The quick-acting, nontoxic drops from Connoisseurs are safe for most metals and gemstones—including diamonds and precious stones—and work in just minutes to brighten them up. The formula is ammonia-free, so you don’t have to worry about irritation or wear on your jewelry from repeated contact with the product. Plus, it’s a great choice for those who are sensitive to fragrances and chemicals. The package contains a convenient dip tray and brush, as well as a large 8-ounce bottle of the cleaner itself.