Services Offered by Jewelers Retail Stores

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A jewelers retail store specializes in selling and servicing jewellery, watches, and other types of accessories. Some jewelers also offer other services, such as designing and remodeling. Listed below are some of the services offered by jewelers retail stores. Here are some of the most popular services offered by jewelers retail stores.

Online jewelers have been gaining ground on brick-and-mortar stores, thanks to the millennial generation. These young consumers are more Internet-savvy than previous generations and are more willing to shop around for the best price. In fact, millennials’ purchasing decisions are heavily influenced by price. In addition, virtually every big box retailer now has an online presence. eBay and Amazon are thriving, too. In fact, in 2016, 51 percent of all purchases were made online.

Before starting a jewelry retail business, it is important to secure a storefront. A storefront will cost you anywhere from $500 to $10,000. Additionally, you may need a CO for your business, which will verify that you’ve complied with building codes and zoning regulations. Obtaining this certificate will protect your business financially. There are several types of business insurance policies, with general liability insurance being the most common.

Online jewelers have more competitive prices than brick-and-mortar retailers. Plus, they can offer free shipping, ring sizing, and lifetime warranties. Online jewelers also have lower overhead. That means you’ll pay less per item, which is great news for consumers. You’ll still get the same quality and customer service, but with the convenience of your own home.

Many independent jewelers are getting in on the trend as well. A recent webinar by Peter Smith, author of the National Jeweler, spoke about the need to prioritize the health and safety of customers and employees. Whether it’s a hand sanitizer or a mask, customers will want to see these safety measures in the stores.

Many jewelers offer appraisal services, for a small fee. These professionals have been trained and certified in the art of evaluating diamonds and gems. They perform physical and written examinations, and issue a monetary value report. Many jewelers also have a background in design or take classes in business and marketing. Their training and skills are essential to their jobs, as they must be able to deal with customers’ disputes.

Many jewelers are self-employed, but there are also opportunities for them to work in jewelry manufacturing facilities, repair shops, or at a wholesale jewelry company. In retail settings, jewelers interact with customers on a daily basis and often receive commission for selling jewelry. They may also be involved in the design and creation of celebrities’ jewelry lines.

One of the most well-known names in jewelers is Cartier, which was founded in Paris in 1847. The company grew quickly and became one of the world’s premier jewelers. It has over 200 stores worldwide, including flagship stores in New York, London, Paris, and Tokyo.