Safe, Quick, and Easy Ways to Clean Your Jewelry at Home

While cleaning jewelry is something everyone should do regularly, not all cleaners are created equal. Products like toothpaste, vinegar, and baking soda can scratch or damage your precious jewelry pieces. This could leave your ring with scratches, loosen your gemstones or metal settings, and even cause the loss of a precious gem. If your at-home jewelry cleaner is too harsh, it may also cause your pieces to be permanently discolored or dulled.

Luckily, there are safe, quick, and easy ways to clean your jewelry at home. These cleaning hacks will not only help your precious jewelry look brand new again, but will keep it safe for years to come.

Our favorite at-home jewelry cleaner is a mixture of water and gentle dishwashing soap. It cuts through oil, dirt and your skin’s natural oils with ease, and it can remove mild stains from general wear-and-tear. Simply pour a few inches of the cleaner into a glass bowl and soak your jewelry for about five minutes. Then, give your jewelry a good scrub and let it dry before putting it away or wearing again.

The only drawbacks to this method are that it doesn’t get deep into certain crevices, and can leave behind a slight odor. We love it for its convenience, however. It is quick, easy and can be used on a variety of items in addition to jewelry. This cleaner is perfect for those who want to avoid the hassle of a professional jewelry cleaning, or who are on a budget!

Another option for at-home jewelry cleaning is an ultrasonic cleaner. Ultrasonic cleaners heat up your jewelry to soften the grime, which makes it easier to remove. This type of cleaner is a great option for those with heavy deposits and stubborn build-up. Just make sure to read the directions carefully, as some cleaners are designed for specific types of stones and metals.

While this option is great for most jewelry, it is not recommended for pearls or other porous organic gemstones. It is also not safe to use on glued-in gemstones, such as amber and opal. This method is best for removing tarnish, dirt and grime from your jewelry pieces that are made of hard, non-porous metals.

If your at-home jewelry cleaning isn’t effective or you would prefer to leave the cleaning to a professional, you can always drop your bling off at our jewelry design studio for a thorough and quick cleaning. Our experts will make sure your pieces are sparkling clean and looking their very best! Plus, we will inspect your jewelry for signs of damage and possible future repair needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.