Jewelry Design Software

Creating jewelry is a challenging and rewarding career. It involves translating a creative vision into a wearable piece. Many jewelry designers begin at kitchen tables. A lot of success has been achieved by working on side gigs. It is important to remember that jewelry design can be an extremely competitive field, so you need to be confident in your abilities and be willing to listen to your customers.

Jewelry design software can help you turn your ideas into real pieces. CAD software can also be used to convert designs into physical models that can be used to make rapid prototypes or investment casting. These designs can also be marketed on the internet. This type of marketing can help you make a sale.

Jewelry design software can range from free to incredibly expensive. One option that’s worth mentioning is TinkerCAD, a free in-browser CAD solution. This software is able to create simple geometry and modify them. Although the shapes are low resolution, it’s a good way to get started in jewelry design.

Another option is to use Blender, an open source software package that has advanced sculpting capabilities. It also has a curve modifier, which is an effective way to create a precise fit on a jewelry piece. In addition, the program has envelope distort and envelope enlarge. These tools are excellent for rapid design iterations.

Jewelry design software can also be used to create patterns that can be applied to flat surfaces. SolidWorks provides a few tools for creating such patterns, but they are limited in the number of options available.