Jewelry and Accessories For Every Occasion

Jewelry and accessories add the finishing touch to any outfit. From dangling earrings and slender bangles to sleek ring sets and delicate necklaces, you can find something for everyone in our collection. Jewelry and accessories are also often gifted to celebrate special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, or graduations. A thoughtful gift is a great way to show that you care and to let someone know how important they are to you.

Jewelry has been used as a fashion accessory for centuries and has long had cultural significance in many societies. It is a form of self-expression, allowing individuals to express their values and personality through the selection and wearing of a particular piece. It can also serve as a token of love and commitment, whether it be a cherished family heirloom or an engagement ring purchased to commemorate a milestone in a relationship.

For those looking to add an edgy finishing touch to their look, try a chain-link bracelet from cult favourite Jacquemus. A definite must-have for the season, the brand’s refined series of rings and earrings will instantly elevate any look. From minimal panelling across the Julius earrings to Art Deco spinels on the pendant necklace, these refined pieces exude an air of modern heirloom luxury.

Throughout history, jewellery has been used as a form of symbolism to mark important life events. From wedding bands to milestone pendants, these sentimental pieces allow us to relive and cherish our most memorable moments. In addition, jewellery is also a common way to celebrate the memory of loved ones who are no longer with us.

From a minimalist gold palette to silver options that are safe for those with skin sensitivities, you’ll find the perfect jewellery picks for you at AAPI. The female-owned brand’s vast selection checks off affordability, quality and versatility, making it an ideal place to start your search for the ultimate jewellery piece.

For a statement jewellery gift that doesn’t break the bank, look to high street brand & Other Stories. Its revolving range of rings, hoop earrings and slim cuffs offer effective simplicity, bringing together the best in contemporary designs with traditional techniques for a polished finish. With Christmas just around the corner, its collection of wavy hoop earrings and layered pearl pendant necklaces are the ultimate stocking filler.

Teenagers and trendsetters alike have a penchant for Oomiay’s quirky yet classic styles. From a wide array of delicate bow earrings to colorful beaded bracelets, the brand’s collections tick off all of the style boxes and are available at affordable price points. Similarly, for those seeking simple yet elegant jewellery, New York-based Khaite’s minimalist selection is the one to turn to. From the italicised brand logo across a slim cuff to the subtle panelling of the Julius earrings, these silver and gold-plated designs exude sophistication with an air of a modern heirloom.