Jewelers Retail – Why You Should Consider Buying From an Independent Jeweler

jewelers retail

Jewelers retail is a highly competitive business. The lion’s share of the industry is controlled by big-name players such as Zale Corp. and Sterling Inc. These companies each own and operate numerous stores across the country. The remainder of the industry consists of local independent jewelry stores and boutique chains such as Tiffany and Co.

The best independent boutiques will carry a carefully curated selection of jewelry brands and styles. The boutiques will also provide a personalized shopping experience. Often, the salespeople at these shops will be trained to understand each brand and their products. This will enable them to offer informed recommendations and help shoppers navigate the different jewelry options that are available.

Some of the most popular independent jewelers are family-owned and operated. The owners are committed to keeping their stores and employees in business for the long haul. They focus on offering a high-quality, customer-focused experience and will work hard to keep their prices reasonable. The goal is to sell jewelry that will be enjoyed for generations.

One of the most important things to remember when purchasing jewelry is to nail down what you are looking for aesthetically and cross-reference that with your lifestyle needs. Then you can find a piece that fits all of your criteria.

For example, if you are in the market for an engagement ring, you should not be afraid to ask the jeweler for a larger stone or more intricate design. You should also take into account how the ring will be worn and the occasion for which it is being purchased.

Lastly, it is always worth considering the perks of buying from an independent jeweler. It is much more convenient to return a faulty or damaged item at a locally owned shop. Moreover, these shops are likely to have the newest designs and trends. They also know how to properly clean and maintain their merchandise.

Another reason to visit a local independent jeweler is their exceptional customer service. They will treat you like royalty and will make you feel special from the moment you walk through their door. This is a big difference between visiting a jewelry chain store or mall jeweler. If there is a problem with your jewelry, it will be difficult to resolve at a large chain because the problem will be pushed back to the manufacturer.

In addition to an impeccable selection of fine jewelry, these independent gem sellers are known for their heirloom-quality timepieces and luxury accessories such as scarves and clutches. They also stock a full range of bridal and wedding-related pieces. The best part is that most of the jewelry is crafted by local artists and artisans.

For those who are unable to visit a local boutique, the online retailer NET-A-PORTER is an excellent option. It has a wide assortment of fashion, semi-fine, and fine jewelry to suit all aesthetic tastes and price points (from designers like Roxanne Assoulin and Pomellato to established names like Tiffany and Co.). The site is also fast, efficient and has great customer service.