How to Use a Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry cleaner

Jewelry cleaner is a product used to remove tarnish from silver jewelry. It is generally available at most jewelry stores and is usually safe to use on all types of metal. However, it is best to avoid using this product on gemstones or pearls. This is because the solution may cause them to become dull or discolored. Using a jewelry cleaner can help to prevent future tarnish on the item and will make it look more appealing.

A professional can clean many items of jewelry in a short amount of time. They can also inspect the piece for loose stones or other problems that require attention. They can also recommend future repair options, if necessary. It is often cheaper to have a jewelry item cleaned by a professional than purchasing a new piece of jewelry.

Those with an interest in making their own jewelry can also clean their own pieces at home. A few drops of a gentle dishwashing liquid should be enough to get rid of mild stains and tarnish. The liquid should be swabbed on the surface of the piece and allowed to sit for a few minutes before being gently scrubbed with an old toothbrush. The piece should be rinsed and gently dried.

Some people use a mixture of vinegar and witch hazel to clean their jewelry. Others use a mixture of baking soda and water. While these solutions are effective, they can leave a strong smell. They can also be harsh on certain gemstones and metals. Witch hazel is acidic and won’t agree with soft or porous gems. Baking soda is slightly abrasive and could scratch softer gemstones or metals.

If a jewelry item is made of precious metal, it can be cleaned with hydrogen peroxide. The solution is very cheap and easy to make. A cup of warm water with a few drops of soap should be enough to soak the jewelry for a few minutes before being scrubbed with a toothbrush. Small pieces of jewelry can be placed in a strainer to make cleaning easier. Once the jewelry is clean, it can be rinsed with running water and then gently wiped dry with a cloth.

Jewelry items that are worn daily should be cleaned once a month to remove buildup and dirt. Jewelry that is rarely worn can be cleaned on a biweekly basis or as needed. Those who wear their jewelry all the time should consider bringing their pieces into a professional for cleaning once a year to prevent tarnish, buildup, and other common problems. Regular cleanings will keep the jewelry looking brighter and more appealing and will ensure that the pieces are hygienic and free of germs.