How to Sell Your Jewelry at a Jewelry Trade Show

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If you are attending a jewelry trade show, you should follow certain health guidelines. These guidelines vary depending on the event organizers and the health departments in the area. Some guidelines include wearing approved face covers, frequent handwashing, and no-handshake policies. They are designed to protect all attendees and vendors and ensure that they stay healthy and safe.

A successful jewelry trade show depends on its attendees. More attendees mean higher quality leads and higher conversion rates. To attract more attendees, you can advertise your event on social media. You can also offer discounts and coupon codes to encourage them to register. These benefits make them feel like they’re being rewarded for attending. For example, if you offer attendees free gifts or free shipping, they’re more likely to purchase your jewelry.

When you’re selling your jewelry, make sure to take along the appropriate documentation. If you’re selling a diamond, make sure to bring your diamond grading certificate or appraisal. This will help you negotiate a better price. You might be surprised at how much more money you can get for your jewelry. Having a third-party verify the value of your jewelry can give you the upper hand when it comes to negotiating the price.

In addition to promoting your jewelry on social media, you should also sell your handmade jewelry through local retailers and flea markets. By doing this, you can build your reputation in your local community and build your clientele. Also, be prepared to host pop-up shops or sell your jewelry on consignment in a local store. You should also create business cards and a website.

A jewelry trade show provides opportunities to sell your jewelry, restock it with new pieces, and network with other jewelry sellers and manufacturers. It can also help you learn about new trends. There are many jewelry trade shows across the country, as well as overseas. You can attend any of these shows and benefit from networking and meeting complementary businesses.

Depending on the type of jewelry you’re selling, a commercial space will be necessary. Using a co-op studio or commercial space can be cost-effective. Gillian shares her studio with two other businesses. You can also find resources online to purchase supplies for your jewelry making. These sources include wholesale jewelry making tools and equipment, raw materials, and precious gemstones. Many jewelry makers sell their work through a website or through word-of-mouth.

You should consider creating a virtual event to promote your jewelry products. If you have access to a computer, try creating a PowerPoint presentation with images and videos. Using online handouts is also useful. Make sure your videos and photos are well organized. Then, promote it through pre-event communications.

Another tip for jewelry wholesalers is to ask for references. Ask for these from other jewelry companies, and make sure they are current. Some companies that had great reputations five years ago may not have the same reputation today. It’s a good idea to contact the references and ask them about their experience with the company.