How to Get Started in the Jewelry Trade

jewelry trade

To get started in the jewelry trade, you should purchase wholesale tools, materials, and other resources to make your creations. You can ask other jewelry makers for their favorite wholesale suppliers, or you can research the various online sources yourself. If you plan to sell your finished products, it is essential to acquire a reseller’s license. Buying materials in bulk can help you avoid local sales taxes. Once you have your inventory, you must find a place to sell it. Generally, jewelry makers sell their products through an online store.

When trading in a piece of jewelry, you should remember to bring all the documentation that explains the quality and value of the piece. Certificates and appraisals are useful for establishing the quality of the piece. When negotiating with a jeweler, you may want to bring a copy of these documents because they are necessary to assess the value of diamonds. Additionally, a third-party verification of the quality of the piece will help you negotiate a better price.

Online networking is a good way to network with your target exhibitors. Some websites allow you to network with exhibitors from around the world without physically attending any trade shows. This type of networking has been around for quite some time, but many are still not taking advantage of it. With the Jewelers Circle platform, you can reach the entire network and reach your target exhibitor directly. You can also post specific needs and post them for all to see. This allows you to directly address your needs to the person you want to meet.

Fashion and fast-fashion trends are changing the jewelry trade. Once considered a gift item, consumers are increasingly buying higher-end jewelry for themselves. In December 2012, H&M launched an Anna Dello Russo collection for EUR20 to EUR300. Another branded jewelry player, Beeline, releases hundreds of new pieces each month. Traditionally, a jewelry brand releases two collections per year, and a second one in a few years.

The JA New York Fall show is one of the largest jewelry trade shows in the Western Hemisphere. It brings together the top brands in the jewelry industry and is focused on replenishing retail jewelry stores prior to the holiday selling season. It is one of the best places to buy jewelry and get great deals on your jewelry. The best part about attending JA New York is the instant at-show delivery. It is a great way to get a great deal before the holiday season begins.

Health guidelines at a jewelry trade show vary depending on the organization of the event and local health department regulations. Some events require attendees to wear a face covering or avoid handshakes altogether. Others may insist on frequent hand washing and a no-handshake policy. Health guidelines are there for a reason, and you should abide by them. They keep you and everyone else safe. If you want to succeed in the jewelry trade, make sure you invest in the right tools to be successful.