How to Find the Best Jewelry Cleaner

Jewelry cleaner

Jewelry is a special investment, so it’s important to protect your pieces from the harsh elements that can make them fade or tarnish. To do this, you’ll need to clean your jewelry occasionally and regularly.

Depending on the type of material you’re cleaning, you can choose from liquid cleaners, wipes, cloths and machines to help keep your jewelry looking like new. Many of these products use chemicals that are safe for most metals and stones, but be sure to read the directions carefully so you don’t irritate your skin while using the product.

The best jewelry cleaner is made with mild ingredients that are friendly to both your jewelry and your skin. Look for a product that’s free from ammonia or other harsh chemicals, and be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

If you’re cleaning your jewelry on a regular basis, consider investing in an ultrasonic cleaner. These devices can be expensive, but they are also effective and can clean a variety of different types of jewelry in just minutes.

They’re able to break down hard-to-remove oils and other buildups on jewelry, without damaging the materials, by agitating them with water, heat or vibrations. They can also remove stains, scuffs and discoloration on metals such as gold and silver.

Some of these cleaners also come with a polishing cloth that will bring back your jewelry’s shine. These are a great option if you don’t have an ultrasonic cleaner and want to gently clean your jewelry.

Another option is to soak your jewelry in a solution of baking soda and vinegar, then use a toothbrush to scrub the surface. This is a gentle and inexpensive way to restore the shine in your silver or gold jewelry.

You can also give your jewelry a fresh shine by adding a drop of toothpaste to an old toothbrush and rubbing it over the piece. This can help bring back the sparkle in diamonds, rubies and sapphires.

It’s also a great idea to put your jewelry on a soft cloth and then rinse it with plain water to ensure that no soap or toothpaste residue remains. This will help keep your jewelry clean and shiny for a long time.

Don’t forget to dry your jewelry thoroughly before putting it away. Soaking it in water can cause the glue that holds the gemstones together to loosen, which could then pop out of place.

Finally, be sure to avoid chlorine and saltwater when wearing your rings or bracelets to keep them from fading or tarnishing. It’s also a good idea to remove your jewelry when you shower, swim or apply lotion.

If you’re looking for a more affordable jewelry cleaner, we recommend the Brilliant liquid cleanser. This product is ammonia-free and safe for most gold, silver, and non-porous gems such as diamonds and sapphires.

Aside from these options, there are also a few home remedies you can try to get your jewelry clean and shiny again. This list includes some of the most trusted and simple cleaning solutions, plus some more innovative ideas that will allow you to keep your jewelry sparkling.