How to Clean Your Jewelry Properly

Jewelry cleaner

If you want to keep your jewelry in perfect condition, you should know how to clean it properly. The best jewelry cleaner is a solution of dish detergent and warm water. If you have a gem-studded piece of jewelry, you should use a more specialized cleaner. A jeweler will know the right method to use for your specific gemstone. The jeweler will also check for any damage.

To clean solid gold jewelry, prepare a solution of dish soap and water. For larger pieces, you can soak them for five minutes in this solution. During this time, you should brush them with a soft toothbrush and swish them around with a soft cloth. Then, rinse the solution out thoroughly and pat them dry.

When choosing the right jewelry cleaner, you should look for those with low pH levels. The pH of a solution measures how acidic or alkaline it is. Pure water has a pH of 7.0, while an acid is 8 or 14. The concentration of acids and bases can vary significantly, so be sure to check the pH of your jewelry cleaner carefully. The use of strong bases and acids in jewelry cleaners can be harmful to your health and cause damage to your jewelry. In addition, some commercial jewelry cleaners may contain terpenes, which may be carcinogenic.

A jewelry cleaner with a small size and a high-quality steam generator can provide a gentle, yet effective cleaning solution for your jewelry. A jewelry steamer can create 15 minutes of steam at 58 PSI. Moreover, it is designed to protect your jewelry against dirt and tarnish. Then, you can use it to clean a variety of items.

When cleaning precious stones in gold, you can use a combination of dish soap and seltzer water. Seltzer water, as the name suggests, has carbonation properties that loosen debris and soil. After that, you should brush the settings and stones with a soft toothbrush, and then rinse them thoroughly in clear water or under running water.

Homemade jewelry cleaners are safe and effective, but be sure to use them with caution. Some household products, such as liquid dish soap, contain surfactants that will remove most oil and greases from your jewelry. In addition, using dish detergent is safe for your skin and hands. You should also check the directions carefully before using them, as too much of them can strip the finish.

Ultrasonic jewelry cleaners can clean a large number of pieces of jewelry in minutes. However, they won’t remove tarnish from silver. In addition to cleaning jewelry, ultrasonic cleaners can clean glasses, coins, and even glass. A few jewelry cleaners offer lifetime guarantees for their jewelry.

If you want to use a home-made jewelry cleaner, you can mix a mixture of witch hazel, vinegar, and one drop of tea tree oil. Pour the solution into a glass mason jar, and let it soak overnight. Once it is thoroughly saturated, use a soft cloth to gently scrub the jewelry. Do not use any abrasive cleaning solution on pearls.