5 Best Jewelry Cleaners

Jewelry gets dirty over time, whether from oil and dander from your skin or grime picked up in the bath or from your regular cleaning routine. Luckily, there are many types of cleaners on the market that can help you restore your rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets to their original shine. Jewelry cleaners range from fast-acting formulas that work in a matter of seconds or minutes to slow, deep cleaners that can leave your jewelry sparkling and smelling fresh. Unlike scrubbing with soap, which can scratch or damage your delicate jewelry, using a proper cleaner will keep your pieces looking great without any fuss.

Jewelry cleaners can work well to clean most jewelry, though it is important to remember that each piece of jewelry has its own composition and should be cleaned differently. For example, pearls should only be cleaned by a jeweler, or with a cleaner specifically formulated for them. Likewise, soft, porous stones like opals and coral should be treated with a gentle, non-ammoniated solution while harder gemstones like diamonds should be treated with a more durable, ammoniated jewelry cleaner.

While there are a number of jewelry cleaners on the market, we recommend the following five because they’re quick, effective and safe for most pieces of jewelry.

This product is the best jewelry cleaner to use for most jewelry since it works so quickly and can remove stubborn stains with ease. The formula is biodegradable, ammonia-free and works on most metals including gold and sterling silver. It can even get rid of tarnish in just a few minutes, which is hard to beat when it comes to speedy, thorough cleaning!

This jar of cleaner contains everything you need to clean most jewelry, from necklaces and rings to earrings and bracelets. It has a convenient tray and brush so you can soak your jewelry while you’re doing other chores. It’s also made from a formula that’s safe for most jewelry, though it should be avoided on softer porous stones like coral and opal, as well as some plated metals.

The ultrasonic tank in this cleaner creates a vibration that generates billions of microscopic bubbles in the cleaning solution. The bubbles implode against the surface of your jewelry, loosening and carrying away dirt, oils and tarnish. The process is much faster and more thorough than hand scrubbing, and the small bubbles can reach crevices that might be difficult for a brush to get into. Just be sure to avoid gold-plated items, as scrubbing them too harshly can strip the plating. If you have plated jewelry, ask your jeweler to replate it for you periodically. To get the most out of this jewelry cleaner, place your pieces in the tank and run the cycle for 6 minutes. After that, pull out your pieces and buff with a cloth for a perfect shine. Alternatively, you can also use this cleaner on delicate or porous jewelry by simply soaking them in the solution for a few minutes.